Hitty Dolls

I truly love the sweet little Hitty dolls I find in the world by so many other doll makers, so I made one myself in the style of my Wylde Soul Dolls. I give each one a sweet countenance with blushed cheeks. The hair is made of wool with ringlets all around. And her tiny dress is made from up-cycled butter yellow cashmere…so soft. As Hitty herself enjoys adventures, my little Hitty is just the same. In the photos below you will see her enjoying early spring and discovering the world just starting to wake from it’s winter rest. There are three Hitty’s below…one with brown eyes and hair, one with blue eyes and brown hair, and one with blue eyes and black hair.

You will also see her posed with my own second edition copy of Hitty; Her First Hundred Years, by Rachel Field…even signed by Rachel herself! It is a treasure.

Erica Daley Hitty dolls are made and stuffed with wool as I am a textile artist. They are part of my Literary Littles line of dolls. They are six and a half inches tall, and the arms and legs have aluminum wire inside, which allows them to be gently posed. The wire can break if repeatably bent, which is why they are not suitable for children. If you’d like to see more dolls, please visit my Instagram account at ‘ericadaleydolls’.

Her little coral shoes, and coral accents on her dress and vintage handkerchief pantaloons, are in remembrance of the coral necklace she received from the peoples of the island.

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